Hey Pastor, I’m Right Here With You

Hey there, Pastor.

I hope I caught you at a good time. I hope your weekend service was great, and that lives were changed through the worship, and especially through your message from God and the Scriptures. It’s wonderful when that happens.

If that isn’t the case for you when you read this, then let me tell you that I get it. Been there, done that, cried the tears, questioned my calling, and looked at working at Walmart – because ANYTHING was better than dealing with the sheep that just bit you hard when you stood up for a biblical principle that made them squirm. I talk more about my own experiences HERE (“A Bit of My Story”).

Pastoral ministry is one of those occupations that can be incredibly fulfilling one day, and incredibly hard and draining the next. And truth be told, those can both happen on the SAME day, right? If you’ve been in ministry longer than 6 minutes you know it’s true.

Because you’re busy, either recovering from the weekend or simply getting ready to buckle down to get ready for this coming weekend, I’m going to make this post a bit shorter than most.

In this post I was originally going to share “Four Truths” to hopefully encourage you. Then it got whittled down to three. And to be quite frank, after working on those I felt they sounded trite and formulaic.

So here’s what I really want to say to you:

I love you.

I cheer for you when you succeed. I weep with you when you fail (and that will happen occasionally) and when your people resist your efforts to bring your church into the 21st century obedience to Jesus.

One of the purposes of this blog is to post things that will be encouraging and helpful to you, Pastor. There will be times when I gently challenge you, but it will always be in a spirit of wanting to see God do something in and through you as you shepherd His people.

So here’s my offer to you: email me directly at brian.lacroix@discipleshipdna.com and put “Prayer” in the subject line. Let me know how I can pray for you and I promise to do so. If you want me to call you, put your phone number in the contact info and I will certainly do that at my earliest opportunity.

I would consider it an HONOR and a PLEASURE to pray with you.

And as Red Green would say, “Remember I’m pullin’ for ya–we’re all in this together.”

God bless you, brother.