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Making Disciples is Everyone’s Job

We know that making disciples isn’t just the pastor’s job – in fact, Ephesians says that the pastor’s job is to “equip his people for the work of ministry.”
This program will help you do just that.

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How it works

1.Initial Consultation (Free)

First, download the free assessment, give to your staff pastors, elders, and any key lay leaders to complete, and return it to us.

Get The Free Assessment

After receiving the completed free assessment, Brian will set up a video meeting with pastor and other decisionmakers at your church to review the results and see if Discipleship DNA will be a good fit for them.

2. Leader Training

If the church feels that Discipleship DNA is the way to go, we set up training that can be delivered either in-person, or through live video. This training is geared toward both the pastoral and lay leadership of the church, since they are the main ones tasked with leading and modeling discipleship.

3. Culture Kickstarter Event

The Kickstarter Event is a special service where the congregation members are challenged to be individually and personally involved in fulfilling the Great Commission by becoming disciplemakers. The message can either be given by Brian or your own staff.

To promote the event and create excitement, we provide free downloadable materials and bulletin inserts for your use.

4. New Discipler Training

This generally begins 1-2 weeks following the Kickstarter event. Participants will learn how to follow-up with new believers, establish long-term discipling relationships with those who are interested, and lead a “Foundations” group if needed.

They are also trained on a couple ways to share the gospel with someone so they can always be ready when an opportunity comes around.

5. Outreach Event

While this isn’t directly a part of the program, we recommend you plan your Discipleship DNA training to coincide with an upcoming outreach event, such as Christmas and Easter. These are natural holidays where lots of people come to church, and actually expect to hear about Jesus, making it a great opportunity to share Christ and invite people to give their lives to Him.

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Why Another Discipleship Program?

Every church has different needs. The fact of the matter is that Discipleship DNA will not be the best fit for some churches. But for others, this will be the fit they’ve been looking for. And those are the churches I’m trying to find and help.

Discipleship DNA isn’t meant to replace anything you’re currently doing with things like small groups. What I want to accomplish is that establishing new believers and making long-term disciples is just how you operate in the day-to-day living of your church members. It’s part of the “fabric” of your church. It’s part of who you are. It’s part of your church’s DNA.

Wouldn’t you be thrilled to see people in your congregation following up new believers, getting into long-term discipling relationships, and equipping them to do the same for others?

And guess what? You have people ready, willing, and able to follow up those who come to Jesus. And that’s exciting to me. I hope that’s exciting for you, too.

That’s what this is all about.

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Our Promise To You

Our hope is that God will be honored and glorified by your experience with Discipleship DNA.
So we will do our utmost to help you bring about a lasting culture of discipleship. We will strive to do so in a manner of excellence that reflects the character of Jesus. We will seek to be Christlike in all of our dealings with you and your congregation. We will operate with honesty and integrity in every way.

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Use our powerful tool to identify disciplemaking strength and growth areas in your church. When you’re ready, we’ll review the results with you for free.

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Lonnie Nash

Being a new believer I had lots of questions and have gotten many answers that have given me strength and hope. The information has given me tools to grow and have inspired me to learn more! Every question I had has been addressed through these lessons.

Devin Hebeisen
The Journey Church

Discipleship DNA is taking our church to the next level.

Jon Droege
Former Pastor of Aberdeen Christian Fellowship

I have known Brian for more than 15 years, and during that time he has always had a passion to help people come to know Jesus Christ and to follow Him!