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The Kickstart program initially launched the first week of March 2020. Unfortunately, churches started closing the next week. (I’m pretty sure it was because of the pandemic, and not related to these materials…)

Well, it’s obvious to most folks that the entire landscape of “church” and “how church happens” has been changed, probably permanently. Not just in terms of the worship service, but in how we operate outside the walls of the church. This includes how we work through discipleship.

It’s been my belief for many years that most church “ministry” happens (or SHOULD happen) Monday through Saturday. With the proliferation of on-line worship, I believe there is a population of people who yearn for actual relationships with people outside of the worship service.

When these people find Christ, one of the best things we can do FOR them is to be WITH them, walking them through the steps necessary to build a solid foundation in Christ that will last a lifetime. In other words, helping them become the “good soil” Jesus describes – that hears the Word of God, retains it, and produces a crop.

We want to make sure that these materials make that kind of new believer follow-up easier. We want these to be able to be used by anyone, no matter where they are in their walk with Jesus – even if they, themselves, are new believers who want to help other new believers.

Even though I have been discipling people for many years, I need the input of others who love Jesus and want to see disciples made.

So you are invited to join our Feedback Team. There is no charge, and in return for your active participation, you will be given free access to the materials.

Upon joining the team, you will receive more detailed information.

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