Blog pic According to, there are almost 4.5 million registered podcasts worldwide, with Apple Podcasts hosting about 2.4 million of those.

So why would we think that adding ONE MORE will make a difference? It’s not like there aren’t other podcasts doing what we are – and you’re busy; just like everyone else, right?

I had broached this idea with my friend, marketing dude for DiscipleshipDNA, and eventual co-host, Josh Latterell. Josh is the kind of guy who will give honest and gracious feedback about stuff, so I thought I’d talk to him first to see if I would just be embarrassing myself and hurting the cause of Christ by pursuing this. But alas, he ENCOURAGED the idea, so we moved forward. It took months for us to get our ducks (and schedules) in a row, but now we’re up and running, and generally having a blast.

If I had know then that there are close to 5 million podcasts, I might have been more hesitant, but sometimes ignorance is bliss, right? So in spite of there being a bajillion podcasts out there…

Here are 4 Reasons We’re Doing This Podcast:

  1. Because we can. Podcasting is easy and relatively cheap. Anyone can start a podcast and have it up and running on a number of different platforms quickly.
  1. Because of who we’re trying to reach. We’re not trying to reach everyone. We’re mainly trying to reach conservative evangelical Christians who would consider themselves Boomers or Busters.

We obviously want to reach others – younger conservative evangelicals, as well as others who wouldn’t consider themselves conservative, evangelical, or Christian, but would like to hear from people who don’t fit the stereotypes associated with those labels.

  1. Some might find that this resource “fits” them better than other podcasts.

For instance, there are a number of podcasts doing what we’re doing, but I prefer some over others. Right now, my favorite podcast in this particular vein is The Holy Post with Phil Vischer and Skye Jethani. Their conversations about evangelicals, faith, politics, and how Christians interact with those outside of the faith is awesome. Their style of conversation is refreshing – very conversational. And, I’ve been accused of sounding like Bob the Tomato and Dad Asparagus over the years… Others include Unbelievable? and Truth Over Tribe.

My favorite podcast regarding the importance of integrating a relationship with Christ with our work is Mere Christians with Jordan Raynor. And my favorite podcaster regarding how to have an excellent online presence and business is Graham Cochrane.

There are other evangelical Christians making podcasts in each of these areas, but I relate best to these currently. It’s possible that Living Beyond Your Memes will relate to some better than others, so I want to be available for that, if that makes sense.

  1. We believe this podcast can be a positive voice for conservative evangelicals who truly want to make a lasting impact for Christ, especially here in the US. I think the principles and stuff can be applied elsewhere, but the focus will be the US.

The Big Idea here: Evangelicals need to bust out of the negative stereotypes.

Many people see evangelicals as mind-numbed Republicans who blindly follow President Trump and can’t think for themselves.

I obviously think it’s inaccurate to paint all evangelicals with that brush, but truth be told, I know some of these people! These are born-again evangelical Christians who love Jesus, are active in their churches, and want other people to find Jesus – but for whom President Trump can do no wrong, whose re-election was hindered by the dark forces of the Democrats, and for whom President Biden can do no right.

And don’t even get them started on Covid and the evil Democrat vaccines!

It breaks my heart to hear these friends of mine talk like this, and it displays, in my opinion, a decided lack of faith in the God of Scripture and almost total faith in the Republican party.

I’m not anti-Republican. (Full disclosure: I’m a registered Independent who generally votes Republican) I just don’t like some of what I see in terms of some evangelicals’ fervent belief that the US and the world are ending if the “wrong” candidate is elected, in spite of God’s assurances that HIS will will be accomplished no matter who is leading ANY country.

So how does that relate to what we’re trying to accomplish with this podcast?

Simply that we want to be a voice that challenges those who live up to the stereotypes to be people who put Scripture above political rhetoric, who put biblical love above division, who put love of Christ above love of party.

I talk as someone who had to be brought kicking and screaming out of this myself.

I’ve been thinking that if I had to boil this podcast down to the basics of what we’re hoping to accomplish, I came up with 7 words that will give the direction of where we’re headed.

  • Discerning

In other words, people who can tell the difference between fact and fiction.

A lot of the panic that comes to Christians is due to blind acceptance of whatever we’re told, especially if it’s the “they are out to get us” rhetoric. Or the “Satanists are out to take over with the money they make when you buy Proctor & Gamble products.”

  • Reasoned

Being people who come to conclusions based on an actual thought process and research.

  • Reasonable

Being able to COMMUNICATE their conclusions in a calm, civil manner, and be willing to listen with an open mind and heart to those who disagree.

  • Understanding

Getting the fact that people with different beliefs, opinions, and convictions can care just as deeply about something.

  • Loving

Especially toward enemies – or as Josh points out so well, our opponents. Here in the US we are not in danger of losing our lives, being arrested, etc., as Jesus and His followers were in their time (and as some face in different places around the world). If someone disagrees with us about something, it does not necessarily mean they are an enemy – it makes them an opponent.

  • Compassionate

Not just filled with pity, but moved to ACT toward those outside of their political, social, economic, health, and lifestyle, for THEIR sake (Philippians 2:3-4), not for the sake of winning an argument.

  • Christlike

This is really the bottom-line. We need to be Christlike in how we live, work, play, and interact with the world around us.

We can all think of people who call themselves Christians but don’t live and act like He did, or only obey Jesus when it’s convenient.

That’s been me more often than I know or care to admit. And quite frankly, that is one of the driving forces for me in this whole deal. I recognize myself in the concerns we address and want others to avoid or get out of the pitfalls that come with that.

This podcast is meant to not only encourage you to Christlikeness, but give you some practical insight on how that looks and acts in the real world.

We’ll have some fun along the way. We’ll laugh together, maybe tell some embarrassing stories about ourselves, and I’m pretty sure we’ll throw in the occasional dad joke. And you can be guaranteed a Chuck Norris fact or two.

If you’d like to chime in about the episodes, comment on what you hear or read, offer suggestions (graciously, of course!!!), ideas for episodes, etc., we’d love to hear from you. If the platform you’re listening to allows, you can leave comments there. Or you can go to our Facebook page here.

God bless!!

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